Casey Caston




Intel Learning Center
Microsite design and content. Worked with client, site UI/UX and engineering teams, network ad group to collect content from site, provide third-party ad space. and meet brand guidelines for all stakeholders.
"Shoutout" Interactive Ad (Demo)
Flash Interactive Ad with user responses saved to a database. Responses appear in the ad to other users after client review.


Interactive Ad and Template
Flash Interactive/Expand ad. Created custom template for multiple campaign targets with custom site sponsorship details.

Beck's Beer

Interactive Ad
Flash Interactive/Expand ad. Combined multiple campaign initiatives into one ad; video, user polling, downloads and contest giveaway.


300x250 "Bad Boss" Interactive Ad
Flash Interactive Ad. Enter a business term for a humorous response.


600x600 Video Ad
Flash Expand Ad with embedded video.

Nissan Maxima

MPU/600x600 Expand unit
Flash Expand ad created for co-branded sweepstakes ad campaign. Update from original agency 300x250.
Contest Landing Page
Sweepstakes Landing Page for co-branded campaign.

Dell Small/Medium Business

Dynamic Ad (300x250)
Template Design for dynamic ad system. Content (including client business-unit branding and Intel co-sponsorship) was changeable by client through CMS, while CNET rating and awards were still controlled automatically by publisher.

XBox Home Campaign

MPU/600x600 Expand unit
Flash Expand ad; Customized ad concept and copy were extended from existing campaign.
Landing Page
Landing Page for custom ad concept; (templated opportunity.)
Site Skin Integration Light and Dark
Custom Page Background for campaign creative.

Site Design, Prototyping and UI

CNET "DFFL" Ad Expansion UI

Final Design/Wireframes
Wireframes/Designs for site-wide expand-ad opportunity.

Stamps From Elsewhere Website
Page design, template design and HTML/CSS programming for art group.
'Xenoterric' Website
Website for SFMOMA Art Installation of "The Peculiar Scholarship of Dr. Bedcannon."

Branding and Communications

Pink Slip Kitchens

Logo and Brand Identity
First round logo and brand identity studies for local food business.

CNET Brand Manual

Brand Manual (Screenshots)
Brand Manual. Worked on design, technical specs, and production.

Powerpoint Slides

Templates and Slides (Screenshots)
Powerpoint presentation slides, including design templates, "large impact" slides, animations/builds.

Print Projects

Test Run Ale
Labels for pale ale bottles. Personal Project.
CD Covers
CD Covers for annual gift. Personal Project.
Yearly Calendar
Printed Calendar for year-end gift. Personal Project.